Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time series.

The three games everyone should play and enjoy. For me the biggest reason I like this trilogy is because of the story, which basically tells a tale of an unnamed prince, Vizier and Princess Farah. Gameplay was secondary for me, all I cared about was the story, I even used cheats to get the story moving faster. Gameplay was too repetetive at times. In the First PoP Sands of Time there was a very troublesome way of killing the monsters but you will eventually overcome it.

Every now and then the game would have some awesome cinematics, which made me want to progress the game even more to see if there is more.

The Dahaka! adrenaline filled moments escorted with epic soundtrack. Prince of Persia The Warrior Within had the best soundtracks out of the 3 in my opinion. You can't beat metal.

My favourite soundtrack:

So yeah The Warrior Within was my favourite game, only downside is that it has two endings and by that I mean one is wrong and the other one is right. Unfortunately I didn't know that and end up getting the wrong ending, what blew me off my tracks for minute or so until I watched the right ending on youtube.

An unforgettable story. Best you get these games and enjoy.