Surviving a High Jump: Dumpster Edition.

Jump straight down. If you leap off and away from the building at an angle, your trajectory will make you miss the dumpster. Resist your natural tendency to push off.

Tuck your head and bring your legs around. To do this during the fall, execute a three-quarter revolution - basically, a not-quite-full somersault. This is the only method that will allow a proper landing, with your back facing down.

Aim for the center of the dumpster or large box of debris.

Land flat on your back so that when your body folds, your feet and hands meet. When your body hits any surface from a significant height, the body folds into a V. This means landing on your stomach can result in a broken back.

1. Jump straight down.
2. Tuck your head and bring your legs around, executing a three-quarter somersault.
3. Aim for the center of the dumpster and land flat on your back.

If the building has fire escapes or ther protrusions, your leap will have to be far enough out so you miss them on your way down. The landing target needs to be far enough from the building for you to hit it.

The dumpster may be filled with bricks or other unfriendly materials. It is entirely possible to survive a high fall (five stories or more) into a dumpster, provided it is filled with the right type of trash ( cardboard boxes are the best) and you land correctly.

How To Properly Jump Out of a Moving Car

Hurling yourself from a moving car should be a last resort, for example if your brakes are defective and your car is about to head off a cliff or into a train.

1. Apply the emergency brake. This may not stop the car, but it might slow it down enough to make jumping safer.

2. Open the car door.

3. Make sure you jump at an angle that will take you  out of the path of the car. Since your body will be moving at the same velocity as the car, you're going to continue to move in the direction the car is moving. If the car is going straight, try to jump at an angle that will take you away from it.

4.Tuck in your head and your arms and legs.

5. Aim for a soft landing site: grass, bush, wood chips, anything but pavement - or a tree. Stuntpeople wear pads and land in sandpits. You won't have this luxury, but anything that gives a bit when the body hits it will minimize injury.

6. Roll when you hit the ground.


Why do people bother to do such disturbing movies? Isn't movies made for the purpose of entertainment? I think that would be a stupid statement to make. Books aren't edited just for entertainment, paintings aren't done for the sole purpose of entertainment, then... why would movies be filmed looking for that goal? I think we can never get used to violence, but movies make it look cool and unrealistic-realistic –if that makes sense. Even movie's fake blood will look real to us compared to real blood, which is more like red paint mixed with water. But we would be terrorized if someone would aim a gun at us. We're not getting used to it.

Irreversible is a bold statement against rape, but also a great study on primal conduct in an age when things are so calculated and 'civilized'. The fact that the most brain-driven of the two guys (Pierre) is the one that smashes the 'killer's' head, is a clear example of the path that NoƩ wants to show us. We are violent, even when there's no need for it. Our world is violent, and that violence is not only waiting for us around the corner, but waiting for us from the inside, waiting to burst with all of it's hatred like we never even thought. A dream can be turned into a nightmare in a matter of seconds, due to the most stupid thing we can think of.

La Tenia didn't attack Alex because she was so damn sexual and beautiful, but because he hated her and what she represented, and that's the reason behind most crimes. Not money, not sex, but pure hate and a feeling of superiority.

Most movies will portray violence as a poetic thing, even the most intelligent ones. Think about Taxi Driver, one of the most crude films ever. It's violence has style and looks cool, although it's not, and it's very real. The same goes for American History X. In Irreversible, violence is not a camera looking for a cool angle in a fight, a la Fight Club, but a smell, a scream, a glimpse of something horrible that is still there when you're so stupid to dare to open your eyes. There's no escape once hell breaks loose, and you can't go to hide under your mother's skirt and wait until it's gone. Nooo, it will go after you like a rabid dog, and you will suffer.

Yeah, Irreversible's got two of the most horrific scenes ever depicted in a film, but also one of the most beautiful love moments –Alex and Marcus in the bed, sharing spit and words of love, as most of us do when we truly love someone. This movie, for all it's cruel and merciless punches, never makes you say: "Man, that was cool." It will leave you feeling ashamed of having the same nature inside you. It's a beautiful film for all the bravery it took to make it.

Simple Shelter


These take more time to build than open shelters (at least three hours), but your efforts will be doubly rewarded. Not only can the shelter be warmed by a small fire, reducing the need to collect a huge pile of wood, but the firelight reflects off the walls, providing cheery illumination for sitting out a long winter night.


This forerunner of the tepee remains the quintessential primitive shelter-"sturdy enough to blunt prevailing winds, weatherproof, quickly built for nomadic hunters, but comfortable enough to serve as a long-term home. It can be partially enclosed or fully enclosed and vented to permit an inside fire.

Step 1: Tilt three poles together in tripod form and bind them together near the top. If you can find one or more poles with a Y at one end, tilt the others against the crotch, eliminating the need for cordage.

Step 2: Tilt other poles against the wedges formed by the tripod in a circular form and thatch, leaving a front opening and a vent at the top for smoke.

When Initiating Oral Sex


Do: Be extremely nice for at least two full weeks prior to asking for oral sex
Do: Gauge her mood carefully. Pick a day when se is feeling good.

Don't: Ask on a day that she has had bad day at work, feels sick, had a bad talk with her mother, feels fat, hair didnt turn out right, feels bloated, is too cold/hot, etc.

Do: Consider giving her a nice present.

Don't: Attach the present to your penis

Do: Take her to dinner.

Don't: Take her to Red Lobster

Do: When actually asking for oral sex, make every other word "please".

Don't: Phrase your question in a disgusting way. (ie. Can I wash out your mouth with my man soup?)

Do: Beg if neccessary. (It will probably be necessary)

Don't: Wear that shirt that she hates because you were wearing it that time you were "acting like an asshole, in front of those stupid friends of yours".
Dont: Think you can get away with making out for a while, then pushing down on the top of her head.


Do: Ask politely (asking impolitely is fine too)
Do: Point your finger in a downward direction.

Driving Miss Daisy

This movie is all about the relationship of the characters, and I can't think of any more perfect actors to play these roles than Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy.

Miss Daisy (Jessica Tandy) is a buttoned-down, prim and proper, emotionally stifled elderly Jewish woman, living in the south. When her son Boolie, (Dan Akroyd) fears that his mother is no longer capable of driving herself, he hires Hoke, (Morgan Freeman) a middle-aged African American, as her driver. The movie centers on the sometimes contentious, funny and poignant relationship between Miss Daisy and Hoke, with the discrimination of the south used as a backdrop.

Jessica Tandy is superb in this role. She brings depth and realism to Miss Daisy, and plays her idiosyncrasies well, without turning her into a caricature. She is both victim to her past and advancing years, and victimizer of those around her. Anyone with an aging parent will relate to the difficult, yet fragile Miss Daisy.

Morgan Freeman is outstanding as the long suffering and ever-patient Hoke. Cheerful, always positive and with a down-to-earth, commonsense approach, he endears himself to Miss Daisy ever so slowly and carefully. Even while suffering the insults of racism, he maintains his composure and while injured by the slights, doesn't let them define who he is.

In addition to the two main characters, Dan Akroyd does an outstanding job as Boolie, the frustrated yet loving son, barely capable of juggling the demands of dealing with both a high maintenance mother and his equally high maintenance wife Florine, skillfully played by Patti LuPone.

A special treat is the performance of Esther Rolle as Idella, the no-nonsense, say-it-like-it-is housekeeper, who has learned to accept her role in the household of Miss Daisy, without it affecting her.

You will be charmed by the cast, and equally charmed by the story. With an excellent soundtrack and visuals, this is a mesmerizing poignant journey into the lives of well-defined, complicated and very human people. Enjoy the ride!

Jumping From a Bridge or Cliff Into a River

When attempting a high fall (over twenty feet) into water in an emergency situation, you will not know much about your surroundings, specifically the depth of the water. This makes jumping particularly dangerous.

If jumping from a bridge into a river or other body of water with boat traffic, try to land in channel - the deepwater area where boats go under the bridge. This area is generally in the center, away from the shoreline.

Stay away from area with pylons that are supporting the bridge. Debris can collect in these areas and you can hit it when you enter the water.

Swim shore immediately after surfacing.


1. Jump feet first.
2. Keep your body completely vertical.
3. Squeeze your feet together
4. Enter the water feet first, and clench your buttocks together.
If you do not, water may rush in and cause sever internal damage.
5. Protect your crotch area by covering it with your hands.
6. Immediately after you hit the water, spread your arms and legs wide and move them back and forth to generate resistance, which will slow your plunge to the bottom.

Be Aware

Hitting the water as described above could save your life, although it may break your legs.

If your body is not straight, you can break your back upon entry. Keep yourself vertical until you hit the water.

Do not even think about going in headfirst unless you are absolutely sure that the water is at least twenty feet deep. If your legs hit the bottom, they will break. If your head hits, your skull will break

Interesting Facts About The Human Body

Humans are the only animals capable of drawing a straight line.

Women blink twice as often as men.

There are over 100 viruses causing running nose.

Human DNA contains 80 000 genes.

Human brain produces 100 000 chemical reactions per second.

Fingernails grow 4 times faster than toenails.

Total weight of bacteria living in the human body is 4.4lbs.

The human eye is capable of differentiating 10 000 000 hues.

Babies are born without kneecaps, which form only at the age of 2 to 6.

Every human bends her finger 25 million times in a lifetime.

There are nearly 46 miles of nerves in an adult's body.

Human brain generates more electric impulses in a day than all telephones of the world combined.

In a lifetime, the female body produces 7 million egg cells.

The area of human lungs' surface is equal to that of a tennis court.

On average, an individual grows over 450 miles of hair in a lifetime.

There are approximately 40 000 bacteria in the human mouth.

The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue.

Human body contains enough fat to produce seven pieces of soap.

Nearly half of all human bones are located in wrists and feet.

There are approximately 2000 taste buds in the human body.

An adult person makes approximately 23 000 breaths a day.

Easy To Learn Firemaking Methods

BATTERY FIRELIGHTNING: Attach two lengths of wire to battery, If you have no wire, use metal tools. If using a car battery, remove it from the vehicle first.

Slowly bring bare ends of two pieces of wire together. A spark will jump across just before they touch. Aim it at tinder. A small piece of cloth with a little petrol is best tnder for this.

FIRE BOW: The friction of a hardwood spindle rotated on a softwood base produces wood-dust tinder, then heat. Both spindle and base must be dry.

Gouge a small depression at near end of baseboard. Cut a cavity below for tinder. Shape the spindle evenly. Make a bow from a pliable shoot and hide, twine of a bootlace. Use hollow piece of stone/wood to steady top of the spindle and exert downward pressure. Wind bowstring once round spindle. Place spindle in the depression, hold steadying piece over its end and bear down lightly while moving bow backwards and forwards so spindle spins. Increase speed as spindle starts drilling. When it enters cavity, apply more pressure and bow vigorously.

 Keep spindle upright and steady, and bow strokes even. It helps to kneel with one foot on baseboard. Carry on bowing until a glowing tip drops on to tinder. Blow on it gently to ignite.

HAND DRILL: A variation on the fire bow

Cut a V-shaped notch in hardwood baseboard. Make a small depression. Use stem of hollow softwood with sofi pith core for spindle. Roll the spindle between the palms of your hands, running hands down it as you go to press it into depression.

When friction makes the spindle tip glow red, blow gently to ignite the tinder. Put a pinch of sand in spindle hole to increase friction.

FIRE PLOUGH: Cut a straight groove in a softwood base board and then plough the tip of a hardwood shaft up and down it. This produces tinder, then ignites it.