Doing an Overhead Press

A.k.a Strict Press, Shoulder Press, Military Press.


Look forward; head neutral. Grip the bar so that forearms are vertical and the bar is about clavicle level. Hands are not supposed to touch shoulders. Wrists in-linr with forearms and elbows in front of the barbell. You should squeeze glutes to avoid arching your back. Wearing weight heavy shoes in heels gives you better stability. Stand your feet hip-shoulder-width apart. Chest up and expanded and bar gripped in the base of the palms, directly over the forearms.


When you press the bar, press it straight up, and tuck chin back and press bar straight up and overhead to full extension, then return head to neutral and bring torso forward once bar clears the face.

When lifting lock your elbows out. Squeeze shoulder blades while extending arms overhead until full extension is reached. Keep upper back, glutes, and abs tight to not lose control over the bar. Straight line going from the bar, down through your shoulder blades, and through middle of feet. Drive through heels while pressing.