Transforming Songs to 8-bit

This is a how-to guide on creating an 8-bit version, or "chiptune," of pretty much any song you can think of. I  can promise you that the end result is fucking awesome. This will take 5-10 minutes.

Download TuxGuitar - google it!

Go to On the upper left of the home page click "guitar tabs." Search for whatever song you want, but try to make it either Power Tab or Guitar Pro. Get the Song.

Next download GXSCC

Putting it all together.
Launch TuxGuitar and open up the song file you saved from UltimateGuitar. You will see all the pretty music. Then go to File>Export>Export Midi. Once you have the Midi file, all you have to do is drag and drop the file into the GXSCC program you have. Immediately you will hear your song begin to play. It's really neat once you start experimenting with different songs.

Good Will Hunting

I kept rewinding the part in the credits where it said that the movie was written by Ben Affleck. And then I kept looking at the DVD box that said that he won an award for it as well. Never really liked him as an actor, but I guess he has some strength in writing.

So the film is about a young adult named Will Hunting. We see that he lives alone in a small house because his parents abandoned him, works as a janitor at MIT, and spends most of his nights with his friends at bars. But what we also learn in this movie is that Will Hunting is a genius; he has incredible strengths in the fields of not only mathematics, but in all other subjects as well. And when a professor finds out that it was Will Hunting that solved the two Algebraic graph theory problems that was supposed to be solve by a student, rather than a janitor right outside his hallway, the professor goes out to help Will. Under the professor's supervision, Will must educate himself more with Algebraic graph theory class with the professor and sees a therapist two times each week.

The rest is just about him trying to find himself. This movie is great and nobody can doubt it. I mean, the message that the movie brings really entertains me because sometimes we can not judge others for just how they may act everyday. It also shows how there are many individuals out there in the world that may have really high IQs, but do not know how to apply it to daily life. And that is what Will Hunting exactly is.

Now I have seen Robin Williams a lot in stand up comedy and he was really funny. And there were some parts in the movie that Robin Williams was funny. But I am telling you, the Juilliard studying really came out in this movie. He was persuasive with the character he was playing and had parts where he had to keep expression that many actors struggle to have. And those actors are not even comedians like Robin Williams. Matt Damon also acted well going from charismatic joking to deep depressing attitudes. However, I really did not care for Affleck or Driver's acting. It was alright. The thing was that once you saw Damon and Williams act, those two were okay.

The only problem I had with this movie, was that there was unneeded raunchy dialogue and cursing during the back and forth discussions with Will Hunting and his little entourage. I get it that the movie takes place in South Boston, a ghetto if you may say. I mean, I have seen movies where cursing is used a lot more than this film, but there were scenes in this film where you really wanted them to be poignant and because one of the character said the f-word in an incorrect spot during the dialogue, it ruins it. This goes for Damon, Affleck, Williams, and Driver.

But this movie really tied up things great in the end. Everything that may have been confusing all comes down well in the end and you get a piece of reality once you finished this movie.

Secure Your Home Like a Pro

When it comes to home security - get an enormous dog!

A large intimidating dog. It doesn't need to be that agressive, just needs to bark loud at possible burgulars wanting to jump your fence. If you are going away for a while, have your neighbour or a friend park their car in your driveway (not garage) every so often.
Go to the hardware store and buy timers to put on your lamps so they turn on and off at intervals. Get someone to retrieve your mail. If your going for a long time, get someone to mow your lawn.

 Keep your jewellery/money/goods in your dishwasher or if you don't have one put them in the manhole or laundry basket. Engrave your TV, hifi computer and laptop and take photos. And if you
want to all out - boobytrap your house. The best one is to ask a local clothes store if they have any broken mannequins/dummies, then dress it up and lay it  on the floor in a main room with tiles. Mix barbeque sauce, tomato sauce and water and put as much as you want around it. Guaranteed as soon as someone finds it they will get out of your house fast.

You are paying 500% markup on all electronic devices. They are all flawed and willl either not work properly or be crazy sensitive, this is not mistake either, as you will require th technician to re-attend to fix, costing more money. Technicians are extremely lazy and expensive, they cost the company roughly $35p/h and you will be charged about $80-85p/h.

As an example - For a monitored security system - you will pay somewhere between  $1600-$7000. The actual cost to the company is about $300 (incl installation time charged by tech). Monitoring will cost $320 425 a year. The cost to the company is $27. And after all of this, the alarm will activate like crazy for false alarms (bugs, heat, cold etc) which creates extra charges on your phone bill  and insane charges for having to get a patrol car to respond.

 The police more than often will not respond to an alarm activation. Friend of mine had the rare case that they said they would respond to a priority 1 duress alarm, and called back 6 hours later asking for the address because they lost it and were going to check it out.

Security systems are not preventative measures. They do nothing other than alert you to the fact that you have been robbed, which you are helpless and you would find out later anyway.


Repulsion is one of the three English films Roman Polanski made in the UK, the other two of them were Cul-De-Sac and Fearless Vampire Killers. Some have rumored that Polanski only did Repulsion to finance his next film Cul-De-Sac, but ones who have seen Repulsion know that it's not even close to the truth. Roman Polanski succeed to bring unconventional issues people weren't yet familiar with on the screen in Repulsion. The film shocked its audiences and was edited, banned and rated-18 in many countries. It follows what Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960) started - modernizing the horror genre. Actually on the surface Repulsion resembles Psycho, but it of course doesn't have some of the typical elements of American cinema, that Psycho has but then Repulsion also doesn't have the same complexity and Hitchcock's masterful work that Psycho has. Still Repulsion stands out as a very important film in the history of horror and in the history of cinema. Repulsion dealt with themes that still were unfamiliar for the British cinema.

A young Belgian woman, Carol (Catherine Deneuve) lives with her sister, Helen (Yvonne Furneaux) in London. Helen is dating with a man, whom Carol can't stand actually she couldn't care less about dating, men or sex. The breathtakingly beautiful Carol walks down the streets, awakening the desires of men; by trying to avoid and hide, she actually only reinforces the things she fears. When a man - Colin - tries to get to know Carol; her repulsion of men starts to take radical forms.

The fact what makes Repulsion so great is that it works brilliantly just as a psychological thriller. But it is so much more than that. If one looks at it just as a thriller, one will get entertained but might feel a bit confused at times. Since the story has its complexity, symbolism and sudden change of perspective and narrative.

Repulsion starts with a documentary introduction of Carol: we watch her as an outsider. We see what she does, how she acts and how other people act around her. Suddenly Polanski takes us out of this calm perspective and puts us in Carol's life full of paranoia and despair. We are in the world of a schizophrenic. This sudden change of perspective is brilliant and an important thing what makes this film work. We have the same reality Carol does: the house falling apart, the nightmares and the fantasies. As many of us know the house in Hitchcock's Psycho (1960) symbolizes the human mind - the mind of Norman Bates. It's divided into three floors just like Freudian psychic apparatus: id, ego and superego. In Repulsion the symbolism and reflection between the apartment and Carol's mind is different but still very clear, perhaps even clearer than in Psycho. The house is a reflection of her mind; the walls of it are decaying and falling apart. Harassing hands come from the walls. The rabbit is rotting. These are very poetic elements, which add a great visual touch to Repulsion. After this horrifying sequence - or act two, we are released and once again change the perspective to an outsider. We are free to observe the situations from the outside just as the other people in the house. The film ends in a similar documentary feeling where it started from. We see a picture of Carol's family. We see Carol looking at her dad with a vacant stare. One could argue about the meaning of this, but to my mind it has always been pretty obvious that her father abused her. In result of which Carol had got a repulsion of men and sex.

One can watch Repulsion as a psychoanalytic survey of the human mind and schizophrenia. But it can also be seen as a description of virginity and about the fears of losing it. It builds on the basic biological facts that turn into something very complex. Carol walking down the streets, awakening sexual urges in men. The progression of Carol's alienation shows in her inability to do everyday chores, which is shown to us in poetic 'shock' pictures. To the place of doing ordinary things, Carol starts to lean on violent actions: her primitive fears have taken the control.

There are several ways to look at Repulsion and that's what makes it so great. It can be seen as a psychological thriller, a psychoanalytic or a sexual moral survey. It also studies the standards of our society; the fear of losing virginity, the repulsion of sex, sexual abuse, trauma, schizophrenia and despair are the main themes of the film. I had only once seen it before on TV. If I had to point out a flaw in this film, I'd say it's that it cannot be watched very many times. Well basically it can, since it works as a thrilling, entertaining picture but the depth and complexity of it is not enough for ten views. I felt like I didn't learn anything new on my second watch. But it's fine, not all films have to be like that this still is Roman Polanski's highest achievement - even that Rosemary's Baby is a brilliant classic. If you get a chance to see this on the big screen, seize it. The experience of seeing this in a theater, cannot even be compared with seeing it on a small television screen.

Survive a Thunder Storm

Have you ever found yourself trapped in a thunderstorm and been clueless as to what to do?

Never fear, These tips will keep you alive.

1. Do not take cover under tree's or any other wooden structure. If struck by lightning, they will effectively explode and you'll be trapped under a fiery tree of death. On top of that, you'll probably have quite a few big splinters.

 2. If a grounded car or vehicle with a roof is near by, smash the window and get inside. The metal mesh will act like a Faraday Cage; if hit, the electric energy will travel over the outside of the car and dissipate into the ground, leaving you safe and sound inside.

3. If there is no safe cover near by, get the fuck out of there and do not use your phone. If you feel your skin tingle and your arm hairs begin to stand. Lightning is about to strike: adopt a crouched position, stand on the balls of your feet so you have minimal contact with the ground, and hope for the best.

Simple Way To Fold a T-shirt

Using both hands, pinch the shirt on the side opposite you at two points:
A: with one hand at the shoulder, midway between the sleeve and the neck.
B: with the other, halfway down the shirt, parallel with your other hand.

While holding the two points, cross your right hand over your left, bringing the shoulder down to meet the shirt's bottom hem.

Lift the shirt so that it hangs in front of you. Uncross your arms, without letting go of the shirt, and pull fold taut as you do so.

Place the hanging sleeve on the work surface, and neatly drape the folded portion over it to finish.

How To Read Somebody Like A Book


If you are questioning someone and their hands are face up towards you, it usually means that they are being honest. Palms up is the "I have nothing to hide" gesture. If however, the subject is jerking their arms or trying to draw attention to their hands to see that they are face up, than they may not being honest. Deliberately drawing attention to a gesture, such as open hands, is typically the sign of a forced gesture meant to deceive you. A forced smile is also deceptive and easy to tell. When someone is truly smiling they do so with their cheeks, not their mouth. If their cheeks lift when they smile, then it is likely sincere.


Defensiveness is an attitude not only in defence, but in defence, but in defiance. Crossed arms is a very a small tell sign that someone is being defensive. Defensiveness is also related to stubborness. For example, if you are in an argument with someone and they cross their arms, this usually means that they are losing the argument, or they have made up their mind and refuse to change it. Another defensive sign, and one of intimidation, is if they place something between themselves and you while or before you start talking. An example would be if you sit down to talk with someone and they put a coffee cup or a book on the table between you, they have made a defensive barrier. When someone has a defensive attitude they often need time to cool off and calm down before carrying on. So accept your victory and give them some space. Defensive people are very difficult to work with.


Evaluation is the act of deep thinking, contemplating, and trying to make sense of a situation. The hand on cheek gesture is the most obvious tell that someones is evaluating a situation. Head is often tilted forward and the hand, with the index finger extended, is on cheek. If someone is using this gesture in conversation, it means that they are thinking of the current situation, it is not a sign of recollection. If someone is using this gesture when trying to make an important decision, it is usually a sign of uncertainty and they are not sure what to choose. Rule of thumb is if someone is touching their face or their chin while talking to you, they are likely generating an opinion of you, so don't act like a fool.