Survive a Thunder Storm

Have you ever found yourself trapped in a thunderstorm and been clueless as to what to do?

Never fear, These tips will keep you alive.

1. Do not take cover under tree's or any other wooden structure. If struck by lightning, they will effectively explode and you'll be trapped under a fiery tree of death. On top of that, you'll probably have quite a few big splinters.

 2. If a grounded car or vehicle with a roof is near by, smash the window and get inside. The metal mesh will act like a Faraday Cage; if hit, the electric energy will travel over the outside of the car and dissipate into the ground, leaving you safe and sound inside.

3. If there is no safe cover near by, get the fuck out of there and do not use your phone. If you feel your skin tingle and your arm hairs begin to stand. Lightning is about to strike: adopt a crouched position, stand on the balls of your feet so you have minimal contact with the ground, and hope for the best.