How To Read Somebody Like A Book


If you are questioning someone and their hands are face up towards you, it usually means that they are being honest. Palms up is the "I have nothing to hide" gesture. If however, the subject is jerking their arms or trying to draw attention to their hands to see that they are face up, than they may not being honest. Deliberately drawing attention to a gesture, such as open hands, is typically the sign of a forced gesture meant to deceive you. A forced smile is also deceptive and easy to tell. When someone is truly smiling they do so with their cheeks, not their mouth. If their cheeks lift when they smile, then it is likely sincere.


Defensiveness is an attitude not only in defence, but in defence, but in defiance. Crossed arms is a very a small tell sign that someone is being defensive. Defensiveness is also related to stubborness. For example, if you are in an argument with someone and they cross their arms, this usually means that they are losing the argument, or they have made up their mind and refuse to change it. Another defensive sign, and one of intimidation, is if they place something between themselves and you while or before you start talking. An example would be if you sit down to talk with someone and they put a coffee cup or a book on the table between you, they have made a defensive barrier. When someone has a defensive attitude they often need time to cool off and calm down before carrying on. So accept your victory and give them some space. Defensive people are very difficult to work with.


Evaluation is the act of deep thinking, contemplating, and trying to make sense of a situation. The hand on cheek gesture is the most obvious tell that someones is evaluating a situation. Head is often tilted forward and the hand, with the index finger extended, is on cheek. If someone is using this gesture in conversation, it means that they are thinking of the current situation, it is not a sign of recollection. If someone is using this gesture when trying to make an important decision, it is usually a sign of uncertainty and they are not sure what to choose. Rule of thumb is if someone is touching their face or their chin while talking to you, they are likely generating an opinion of you, so don't act like a fool.