Washing Symbols On Clothes

Understand what your clothes are showing to you.

                      BLEACH        DRY CLEAN                IRON                     WASH             TUMBLE DRY

                                            COOL/LOW         WARM/MEDIUM           HOT/HIGH

Keep in mind that these symbols are probably integrated so they might look a bit different, but it should give you the basic idea how it works.

Kung Fu Hustle

This movie has it all: slapstick comedy (that's right out of a "Looney Tunes" short), martial arts, and dazzling spin-kicks and arm-twists that are all courtesy of Yuen Wo Ping ("The Matrix," "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"). In this picture, which is set in 1940s Shanghai, China before the revolution, Chow stars as Sing, an aspiring gangster who wishes to join the notoriously lethal "Axe Gang." The Axe Gang rules much of the city's underground with an iron fist and their demands are absolute. But the accident-prone Sing and his chubby companion (played by Chi Chung Lam) wander into Pig Sty Alley, posing as Axe Gang members. The Axe Gang doesn't bother with this slum very much because it's so poor and plus, it's already under the tyranny of the vicious chain-smoking Landlady (Qiu Yuen), who runs things along with her husband Landlord (Wah Yuen).

Things become complicated when the real Axe Gang shows up, and the Gang is attacked by a trio of kung-fu masters who had been living there. The Axe Gang members are quickly defeated in the ensuing chaos while Sing and his companion are captured by the fleeing gangsters. The two are allowed to join, but are demanded a deed of loyalty - kill someone. For the next 45 minutes or so, Chow is off the screen, and we focus mostly on the tenants of Pig Sty Alley, as the kung-fu masters square off in dazzling skirmishes with Axe Gang acolytes, who are masters themselves. Landlady and Landlord are also later revealed to be masters too.

Chow reenters the picture and remains on the screen until the closing credits, where he, donning a white outfit a la Bruce Lee himself, takes on the remaining gangsters in a free-for-all reminiscent of the "Crazy 88's" scene from "Kill Bill." As it turns out, he is a kung-fu genius, in that he's had the power to master martial arts since birth (I must say Chow does display some impressive moves of his own). He then does battle, in the film's most over-the-top sequence, with The Beast (Hsiao Liang), who is the most feared kung-fu master of them all.

This is a brilliant action-comedy from a mind that seemed destined to bring forth something like this to the masses. The film plays out a lot like a collision between every great martial arts movie we've ever seen and then adds a heavy dose of slapstick and Chow's sly wit. You'll laugh at Chow's comedic antics, as every great kung-fu flick gets its fair share of comedy. It's just kind of funny, since I was watching "Enter the Dragon" (1973) last night, which is considered the greatest martial arts movie ever, and then today I watch "Kung-Fu Hustle," which could be called one of the greatest parodies of the genre.

Though some of the humor might be lost on American audiences, I found myself laughing quite a bit. It definitely caught on to me as Chow also pays sly homage to his heroes, both Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, who made the genres Chow pays respect to. It's all done in a deliriously comic fashion that also doubles as a visual feast for the eyes. The film also contains a rather touching subplot with a mute girl Sing once saved from bullies, and it really got to me because of the cheesy music that cues up whenever they are on the screen together.

I expect we'll see a lot more of these types of pictures that are going to be cherished by a devoted following in the future. Stephen Chow has crafted a funny, brash, and action-packed picture that's sure to remain with the masses in the coming years.

All The Herbs You Need

The eucalyptol in this aromatic herb is study proven to loosen chest congestion, making phlegm easier to expel. Plus, rosemary is rich in anti-inflammatory tannins, which soothe a sore throat.

Pairs well with: white beans, chicken, Brie cheese, roasted meats and poultry, potatoes, polenta, apples.

Crampy tummy?
Peppermint contains menthol, a natural plant compound that relaxes pain-inducing intestinal spasms. This reduces belly discomfort by 40 percent, according to German researchers.

Pairs well with: eggplant, tomatoes, lamb, green peas, melon, couscous, hot and cold beverages.

Archy joints?
The curcumin in curry inhibits the body's production of prostaglandin E2, an inflammtory compound that over sensitizes nerves. This blunts joint and muscle pain as effectively as prescription medications.

Pairs well with: lentils, mangoes, rice, cauliflower, spinach

Thanks to its stores of apiol and myristicin, parsley is a natural diuretic that relieves bloat-inducing water retention by preventing salt from being reabsorbed into bodily tissue.

Pairs well with: grains, onions, parmean cheese, pasta, salads, seafood, tomatoes

Menstrual cramps
Enjoying 2 tsp. of  fresh oregano daily during menstruation reduces or eliminates cramps, according to a Greek study. That's because this herb's thymol and carvacrol relax uterine muscles to prevent painful contractions.

Pairs well with: mushrooms, tomato sauce, olives, summer squash, fish.

Upset  GI tract
Indian scientists found that dill's limonene works as well as prescription antibiotics at killing harmful intestinal bacteria such as E.coli.

Pairs well with: salmon, eggs, cucumbers, chicken, cheddar, cheese, mixed, greens, clear soups, cream cheese, beets, carrots.

The fiery capsaicin in cayenne deactivates substance P, a neurotransmitter linked to inflammation, The result: less sinus congestion and pressure.

Pairs well with: root vegetables, roasted poultry, rice, chocolate, leafy greens, shrimp, eggs, popcorn, grilled-cheese sandwiches, beans, creamy soups.

Feeling down?
The eugenol and rosmarinic acid in basil boost the brain's production of dopamine and serotonin. According to indian researchers, this could lead to sunnier moods in as little as three days.

Pairs well with: tomatoes, olives, strawberries, melon, fresh mozzarella, pizza, pasta, white fish, feta cheese.

Ginger's gingarol and shogaol calm digestive-tract spasms to reduce nausea better than motion-sickness drugs, according to a study at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

Pairs well with: citrus fruit, tea, sweet potatoes, pork, coconut, miso soup, onions, relishes, pears, rice.

Always tired?
The carboxylic acid in cilantro binds to heavy metals such as mercury in the blood and carries them out of the body. Their removal reverses the toxin buildup that causes chronic fatigue, joint pain and depression.

Pairs well with: avocados, seafood, corn, black beans, steak.

Getting Out of Quicksand

If you are wearing something heavy attached to yourself like a backpack, unstrap it immediately if you feel it pushing you down.

Assuming you can't reach any part of dry land to help aid you in pulling yourself out, all you need to do to get out then is to slowly lean back putting more of your upper body in the quicksand, which may seem scary, but don't worry, you'll float significantly better in quicksand than water, so you won't sink as long as long you don't make sudden movements, which can result in significant suctioning effects, as well as simply separating some of the water and muck around you. This can potentially create water pockets around you which can decrease your boyancy.

As you lean back, gently try to bring your legs upwards. Be patient and do everything as if you are doing it in slow motion. You've got all the time in the world here unless you act like you don't and move quickly; then your time on this earth might be ending sooner rather than later.

Once you are on your back with your legs and mid-section floating, ever so gently use your hands to very slowly paddle your way towards the edge using very short slow strokes. Again, everything should be done as if it is in slow-motion. Don't submerse your hands all the way here. Also, try to keep part of your arms above the muck so you aren't paddling with your entire arm. Paddling with your whole arm at too fast a speed will tend to make the sediment and water separate a bit  around your body, as described before, which will decrease your buoyancy, which is bad. As long as you work in slow motion with small strokes, you should be fine either way, but good to be extra cautious.

Depending on how far in you got yourself into the quicksand, it may take several hours to paddle yourself out to where you can reach solid land.

Strange Days

Strange Days seems to take on a cult status with each passing year. This film came out in 1995, but is almost prophet like in its ability to summarize our current obsession with technology and experiencing artificial stimulation through computers (e.g. Wii and other interactive games). This film reminds us about the danger that comes along with our constant need for stimuli, and how it detaches us from human contact, desensitizes us to violence, and makes the abnormal seem normal.

The great thing about this film is that it came out 5 years before the year 2000 and didn't try to look to futuristic, as far as fashion, and the cars. No one was using a space craft to get around.

There are three acts in this film: the descent of Lenny into a personal living hell, which is linked with his ex-girlfriend, Faith, who he believes in, despite her penchant for self destruction. Through flashbacks, we see at one point Lenny was a decent cop. Act II is the present time, where we see the seductive nature of the SQUID and the danger is possesses, and how real feelings and emotions are downloaded and traded as a commodity. You also see this edgy undercurrent of "end time" doom felt by everyone, from the murdered rapper Jericho One, to the cops who feel that the urban undercurrent in society, is asking for a level of respect they don't deserve. Order is hanging on by a loose thread and everyone is trying to escape this reality through the use of the SQUID. Act III, is where the price is paid for murders and deception. The order is restored after chaos ensues. Lenny comes out on the other side as a restored person.

Visually, this film is very stimulating, it almost seems like overload in some parts. But this is what the director wanted us to feel, the sense of chaos and impending doom. As far as the acting, Finnes is great, but so is Tom Sizemore, Wincott, Lewis, and of course Angela Basset. She is almost like Virgil to Lenny, guiding him through a maze of hell and hoping he can see the error of his way. She is vulnerable in her love for Lenny, but makes it clear he cannot sacrifice her, or the future of the city, for Faith or the SQUID.

This film had a lot on the plate-racial tension, misuse of technology, sex without emotion, and the blur between lies and truth, which were offered up through the media images of Jericho One. He spoke the "truth" of his reality, but lived a different reality. This film spoke to the idea of media manipulation, which is very rampant in our present culture.

We finally make it to the New Year and after the riot, the truth is restored. When Lenny passes out and wakes up again, I saw that as his rebirth. He has known all the long that Mace loves him, but at the end he is ready to reciprocate that love and that is why he beats on the limo glass to get Mace out of the car. The movie ends with a lover's kiss, which reminds the audience, love is an emotion that cannot be manufactured.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Never Happened

Game begins with curtain opening, shadows on backdrop.

  Blocks bolted to background; more shadows on skyine.

Exit stage right end of set.

Platforms hanging from roof, sticking out through slots in backdrop running via hidden machines behind set.

Super Mario Bros. 3 never happened. It was all just a stage show. A play. Mario was never once in any real danger. You were merely the audience.

Performing System Maintenance


Press Windows Key + R on the kayboard.
The "Run" window will appear. Type "msconfig" and press Enter.

The System Configuration window will appear.
Go to the Startup tab and Uncheck applications such as: Adobe, Quicktime, etc.

Don't uncheck your antivirus or Wifi.
If you install any new programs below, do this again.


Download and install, it's free.

Run the Cleaner and the Registry Fixer (optional).

If it asks to backup the Registry, save to a usb drive or location of your choice. You don't have to, it is for if you ever need to revert back to an older version.


Defrag your Hard Drive once every two months. Windows comes with it's own defragger, but you can install and use Defraggler instead. It has a cooler logo and better visuals.

Don't defrag an SSD (Solid State Drive).


If you want to be swaggest hipster on the block, download Speccy.

Look at those temps. Too high? Buy some canned air. Open up the side panel of your pc and blow that sucker out. Watch those temps drop. You are now benchmarking like a pro.

HD Tune

You can analyze your Hard Drive's health using this free software.

Benchmark your drive for speed results.
Check Health and do an Error Scan.

If you get red blocks, backup all your data. Your hard drive may be on it's way to failure.


Download and Install.

Perform a Scan. Do once a month or as often as you like. Disable Malwarebytes after the scan, as it could slow down your system if left on.


If you don't have an Antivirus or don't want to buy one, Microsoft offers Security Essentials for free.

Other notable Antivirus software:
Avast (free)
TDSSKiller (Antirootkit)
Eset Nod32

Remove Software

Go to Control Panel, click uninstall programs. Remove any suspicious looking software.

If you don't recognize or remember installing something on the list, do a web search on the program's name to find out what it is.

(Optional) Download IObit Uninstaller to remove more thoroughly.

Router Security

Broadcasting Wifi? Is it WPA2 secured? If not, look on the back of your router for the URL or IP address to the Router Configuration page. (WEP is not secure enough. Use WPA2.)

Or press Windows Key + R on the keyboard. Run window will appear, type cmd, press Enter. In the Terminal type ipconfig /all, press Enter.

Type the Default Gateway address into your  browser's URL bar to access Router config. Set a WPA2 Password to secure your signal.

Legitimate Ways To Spot a Liar

A real look at how you can spot someone lying from a series of obvious tells.

There are no standardized "tells" that prove you're being lied to. What the investigator tries to do is find, or cause, anomalies, those tiny deviations from the norm that indicate that a person's veracity is suspicious. Most commonly used is the examination of the information given, but it can alose be a physical manifestation, such as a tic in the invidual's voice, a facial clue, or even body movement. It is generally thought that these observable variations are caused by an emotional reaction to lying, and even worse, being caught.

Some of the following signals are more telling than others.

The mind is distracted with creating the next lie, or considering the fragility of the one just told.

This means the person is considering any fllaws in the deception about to be offered.

Done in order to convince the interviewer of their lack of worry.

An uncontrollable reaction to guilt or the worry of being discovered.

Indicates worry that the investigator is going pick up some "window to the soul" signal.

This is emotion being turned into a physical need to relieve the stress of lying.


The best interviewers are homicide detectives. After a few minutes with a suspect, they would mystically decalre whether the person was lying or not. When asked how they knew, they rarely listed any of the above characteristics, but instead would say, "I just know." They knew because first of all they had the ability to read people; It's why they were chosen to work murders. And they have interviewed so many people that all those little tics and many more had become part of their "insticts."

Again, each of these listed manifestations in itself is not a proof of deception, but if one is spotted, you may want to look for others.

Increase The Life of The Razor Blade

Pair of jeans (old or new, it doesnt matter; just needs to have one of the pant legs in tact.
Shaver like gillete or schick brand razors or other disposable razors.

Before or after you shave (I prefer before so that the blades are dry, place  your jeans on a hard flat surface; then run the razor up the pant legs about 10-15 times quickly; then repeat running it down the pant legs 10-15 times quickly. No need to press that hard, but a little pressure is necessary. In both instances, you want to point the top of the razor in the direction you are rubbing the shaver on the pants. In other words, don't "shave" the pants; point the razor the other way, so that the blades glide over the surface of the jeans and don't try to cut them.

The threads on the jeans then will very effectively both fix any tiny bends in the blades that inevitably happen and will also sharpen the blades on your shaver cartridge. For an already dull blade, you can sharpen it up pretty effectively by doing 50-100 swipes both ways to get it back up to "like new" condition, but only 10-15 times swiped both ways should be necessary to maintain sharpness.

Fire Up Your Pan

SUPPLIES: 2 beer cans; strip of sandpaper; precision knife; small wad of fiberglass; pushpin; 3 tsp. rubbing alcohol; wire coat hanger; lighter.

1. Drain the contents of the first can and measure one inch from the base. Use fine sandpaper to remove the paint and any dents, the slice off this piece as cleanly and evenly as possible with your knife.

2. Use the bottom of the unopened can to widen the newly cut base of the first can for fitting purposes. Now empty the contents of the second can (the fun part!), sand down the base, and cut it in the same fashion.

3. Place a small wad of fiberglass into the base to help spread your fuel out evenly. Now work the can bottoms together until theyr're even and tight, making sure there are no openings for fuel to escape.

4. Using a sharp pushpin, poke a cross pattern of five openings into the center of the top can (this is where you'll pour the fuel). For the jet holes, poke 16 evenly spaced openings all along the outer ring.

5. Carefully pour about three teaspoons of fuel (rubbing alcohol, Everclear, denatured alcohol, or Heet) into the center holes of your stove. Clean up any spills or you'll be sorry when it's time for ignition.

6. If you don't have a metal stand, bend a coat hanger into a stable shape that won't fall over. For optimal cooking, configure it to hold the pot roughly four inches above the burner. You're ready to grill.

Handle with care!