Easy To Learn Firemaking Methods

BATTERY FIRELIGHTNING: Attach two lengths of wire to battery, If you have no wire, use metal tools. If using a car battery, remove it from the vehicle first.

Slowly bring bare ends of two pieces of wire together. A spark will jump across just before they touch. Aim it at tinder. A small piece of cloth with a little petrol is best tnder for this.

FIRE BOW: The friction of a hardwood spindle rotated on a softwood base produces wood-dust tinder, then heat. Both spindle and base must be dry.

Gouge a small depression at near end of baseboard. Cut a cavity below for tinder. Shape the spindle evenly. Make a bow from a pliable shoot and hide, twine of a bootlace. Use hollow piece of stone/wood to steady top of the spindle and exert downward pressure. Wind bowstring once round spindle. Place spindle in the depression, hold steadying piece over its end and bear down lightly while moving bow backwards and forwards so spindle spins. Increase speed as spindle starts drilling. When it enters cavity, apply more pressure and bow vigorously.

 Keep spindle upright and steady, and bow strokes even. It helps to kneel with one foot on baseboard. Carry on bowing until a glowing tip drops on to tinder. Blow on it gently to ignite.

HAND DRILL: A variation on the fire bow

Cut a V-shaped notch in hardwood baseboard. Make a small depression. Use stem of hollow softwood with sofi pith core for spindle. Roll the spindle between the palms of your hands, running hands down it as you go to press it into depression.

When friction makes the spindle tip glow red, blow gently to ignite the tinder. Put a pinch of sand in spindle hole to increase friction.

FIRE PLOUGH: Cut a straight groove in a softwood base board and then plough the tip of a hardwood shaft up and down it. This produces tinder, then ignites it.