In Los Angeles, a gang of armed thieves is hitting serious targets - major banks, vaults, and armored cars. These thieves are led by arch-criminal Neal MacAuley. One of their operations, an armored-car robbery, goes bad and the armored-car guards are murdered by the gunmen - putting LAPD homicide detective Vince Hanna on the trail of the thieves. Hanna knows it will take a lot to bring these dangerous, armed thieves down, and it will end in a horrifying gun battle when the thieves try to rob a major federal bank.

This movie will absorb you. Seriously their gang is perfect they make everything fast and smooth. There were few minor failures which ultimately lead some to graves, but to some extent there is a happy ending, If I may say so. All the action is just perfect and specially the gun battle in town. These crooks had some serious firepower compared to those police patrols. Needless to say they were prepared. Give it a go.