There Will Be Blood

In the early years of the 20th century, Daniel Plainview is an oil prospector. Based on information sold to him by Paul Sunday, he travels to Little Boston, California and begins to buy land, starting with the Sunday's farm. He wants to buy up all of the land in the area and smooth talks the locals into selling by promising that he will build roads, schools and churches. He has no intention of doing so of course and his only purpose is to make money. Over the course of his endeavors, men die, the locals get nothing and Plainview gets rich. In his life he makes few friends and many enemies and even his adopted son H.W. is eventually alienated.

Personally I liked Daniel Plainview, he meant only business, that would make him succeed and be above others. This movie displays a very dark times of how the oil drilling was in the early 20th century. There were no safety regulations so yeah accidents were bound to happen. I liked the first part of the movie more, later on it became kinda dull but the ending was what you would have expected. So give it a go.