The Cuff Code

Cuffed denim is as old as the blue jean itself. And every couple of decades, a new proportion or trend emerges. In the '50s and '60s, the style was carefree single cuff but by the '80s and '90s, it was atrim, tight roll. Today's cuffs are croping up in every style. From the disheveled fold to the crisp cuff, how you roll says a lot about you.

What it says: You like things simple and sophisticated. Or you want to show you sprung for the selvedge denim.
How to do it: Simply turn up the hem. The width can vary from a quarter-inch to over two inches.

What it says: You're easy and a tad rugged. Or you couldn't be bothered to have your jeans hemmed.
How to do it: Fold your hem up and over twice. Run your fingers around the cuff to ensure a crisp crease.

What it says: You prefer a tailored, traditional look. Or you feel it's the only style that pairs well with narrow jeans.
How to do it: Same as the wide, but the cuff should only be between an inch and an inch and a half tall.

What it says: You're modern and a tad preppy. Or you like drawing attention to your ankles.
How to do it: Make a double (or tripple) cuff about an inch and a half wide, then squish it down slightly to muss it up. Make sure it's uniquely disheveled. Some of the cuff should tuck into itself

Fun Fact: Elvis Presley knew his way around  a trim cuff.