Making an Ice Rink

If public skating rinks don't quite make the grade, here's how to make your own.


1. Mark the boundaries of the future ice rink.
2. Make the surface level.
3. Cover the surface level with sand at least 5cm thick if you have any.
4. Put a layer of snow on top (at least 8-10 cm thick), firm it and flatten it out. Form a 7-10 cm high border out of snow around the ice rink.
5. Put up a plywood or net fence around the rink.


1. Fill the rink with water when the weather is clear and the air temperature is below -5C.
2. Hold th water hose upwards so that the flow has the shape of a hand fan. This will help make the surface even, recommended angle 35-45.
3. Begin adding water at the far end of the rink and slowly move backwards. Try not to leave any empty spaces.
4. Repeat two or three times every three or four hours.
5. For the final round, use warm water.
6. The ice layer should be at least 12-15 cm.


Clear the surface and fill cracks with melting snow before each round of filling.

Provide benches people can use to put on their skates or take a breather.

Use cold water to fill in the grooves and gouges left by skates. Use hot water to smooth the ice.