How To Get Rid of Acne

Stop worrying about it immediately! Stress only makes everything worse! Following this guide you will most likely will get rid of your acne if you're not one of the few unfortunates who have completely hormon-induced acne.

Don't touch your face! Your hands are full of bacteria! Also; Change your bed sheets in reasonable periods and sleep on a clean towel!

One of the most essential things things to do if you are really serious about achieving the skin of the gods is your diet. Limit yourself to fruit and legumes carbohydrate-wise. Stick to clean fish & meat (use olive oil to bake) or eggs.

Too crucial not to give them their own subitem: fucking apples! Low on calories, high on vitamin c which will improve your overall health. Also high on vitamin a which will help your scars heal faster.

Vitamin D for free out there! Get some. You don't need to overdo it, get out like 20 minutes every day.

Okay so this will make the biggest difference for the most of you guys. Do not nuke your face with expensive moisturizers and cleansers. Let your skin regulate it's acid content. May feel shitty the first few days but you will notice your skin feeling better everyday  day.

Drink 2-3l of water every day . Drink mineral water! Supply water in great amounts will make you sick. If you manage to make this a habit you will notice how much better your skin looks and feels after max two weeks.

You probably won't need this if you follow this guide but there are a few nice supplements to support your skin improvement. Take some zinc and cod liver oil. Don't take too much of the zinc, that would make things worse.