Reading Body Language Expert Level

Mentalists have used body language for centuries to make it appear they have the power to read minds. Through analysis of physical cues and using similar techniques from famous mentalists almost anyone can make it seem they know more than they do.

Physical Cues Used By Mentalists.

Arms Crossed.
Arms crossed and closed can be seen as defensive shield. When people have their arms closed they are also closed to new ideas or suggestions.
This is most commonly seen in use of 12 to 15 year old girls, in which case it is a territorial display of dominance. Proceed with caution.

Neck Touching.
Neck touching is one example of a nervous habit that can betray a person's true feelings on a matter. They could be nervous because they are concealing a truth. In a bar setting it could be sign you have been staring at them for too long.

Dilated Pupils
When someone finds another person or thing attractive, the pupils will dilate, In turn, that dilation is often found attractive by others. This is sometimes referred to as 'bedroom eyes' because of it's sexual connotation. Conversely, If you're Lindsay Lohan it could just be an alcohol-induced side effect.

Leaning Forward.
Moving forward can be an act of aggression and so signals anger. Especially, If it is done quickly and in concert with other aggressive signals such as an angry expression on the face. In debates, it is a sign of confidence. Be sure both debaters are not leaning forward at the same time. A concussion may follow.

Feet Crossed.
Crossing your legs or feet is sign of being comfortable or relaxed in circumstance or with a person. If their feet are crossed and their wiggling around their chair it is a sign of needing a bathroom break. Better cut the meeting short.