Mumble vs Teamspeak 3

Mumble and Teamspeak 3 are both high quality voice over ip programs, but which one is better? We all know that teamspeak is the popular one, but just because it's popular doesnt make it the best Voip. Stability on both seem to be relatively same.

Mumble has a reliable overlay whereas teamspeak 3 will crash in every couple of hours or so for most users. The overlay doesnt even work with some of the video cards and if it does it's seriously glitched or making the game crash itself. Though overlay is not needed if you're playing with close friends because you easily recognize their voices but if you are put together with 20 strangers, it becomes a problem.

If your internet connection is not that great mumble also lowers your voice quality, it might sound a bit robotic but it doesnt break up the connection, like it would in teamspeak. So you dont have to repeat yourself several times.

Speedwise mumble wasn't that great awhile back but now both are equal, mumble being faster about 2 milliseconds.

Operating systems - Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Android
License - BSD
Protocols/based upon/compatible with - CELT / Speex
Encryption - TLS and OCB-AES128
Max conference peers - No max (limited only by server bandwidth and memory)
Other capabilities - Chat with (limited) embedded HTML, Automatic Gain Control, Access Control Lists for user management, Customizable In-Game Overlay, Directional Audio, Plugin Support, Nested Channels, Echo cancellation, Logitech G15 support

Operating systems - Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
License - Freeware Closed / Proprietary
Protocols/based upon/compatible with - Speex
Encryption - Yes (Optional)
Max conference peers - Unknown
Other capabilities - Conferencing, File Transfers, Plugin Support, Logitech G15 support, In-Game Overlay

Overall when it comes down to it they are almost the same thing, more bells and whistles in TS3 then Mumble but Mumble was made to me simplistic anyways and if your friends are already on TS3 it's hard to switch over to Mumble.