How To Get High, Safely.

How to get high using nothing but your own body and the most important thing is that it's safe. This could be useful if you ever find yourself incarcerated or bored.

Postural Hypotension.
You've probably already experienced a mild form of this before without really knowing what it is called or what causes it. It is also knows as a head rush or elevator effect, and sometimes occurs when standing up too quickly and is caused by a sudden decrease in blood pressure. Effects include euphoria, bodily dissociation, lightheadedness auditory/visual distortions, and fainting.

1. Sit in a squatting position.
2. Breathe in and out heavily for 30 seconds.
3. Stand up.
4. BLow on thumb as hard as possible.

Your brain will be deprived of oxygen for a few seconds and you will feel high and tenn likely pass out for a few seconds (don't worry - it takes several minutes of oxygen deprivation for cell damage to occur, just make sure you don't hit your head).

If it doesn't work for you, try putting your head between your knees when squatting and/or hyperventilating instead of step 2.

You may not have known it, but simple oxygen is a psychoactive substance. The O2 -> CO2 reaction that occurs by breathing occurs at a constant rate. By moving the greatest possible volume at the greatest possible rate (hyperventilating) you can minimize the amount of CO2 in your bloodstream, and thus maximize the amount of O2. After a significant amount of rapid deep breathing, your body will enter relaxed and calm state. After 5-10 minutes of this, mind-blowing highs can be achieved.

You may have already experienced this effect as well. Hypnogagia is related to sleep paralysis, which can be scary to those unfamiliar with it, but is actually a pretty good dissociative high with possible hallucinations, waking dreams and can even induce lucid dreaming when you're expecting it.

When you're about to go to sleep at night, simply lay in the supine position ( on your back ) and don't move at all. You will feel an urge to shift or roll over, this is your brain testing your body to see if it's awake. By staying still you can trick your brain into thinking you're asleep and your body will begin to paralyze itself and you will remain fully conscious and experience auditory/visual hallucinations and a waking lucid dream.

If you want to end your trip you can shock your body into waking up by holding your breath.

Runner's High
This one's simple: continually exert yourself with strenuous exercise, in which the level of intensity if between moderate and high, and breathing is difficult. Your brain will release endorphins just like one's sent to the brain during opioid highs.