A family man is convicted of murder and must struggle to win his battle not only inside prison, but also to keep his family together.

This is one film that I am glad I saw. Not only is the storyline different to most other prison films, but the way it is made and the actors who create it, give you a satisfied feeling when the film is finished that you got what you paid for.

First of all, the way they shot the film puts the viewer in a somewhat 3rd-person view to give you the impression that you are actually there when it is all happening. The entire film is one that keeps you wanting more as it goes along and never slows down at any point. Each new aspect is more interesting than before, and continues all through till the credits.

As for the storyline, a family man who is sent to jail on account of murdering an intruder, might seem to some people, boring. But, the actors are what make the film interesting. Val Kilmer was exceptionally good in this one, although I've never been a big Val fan, I thoroughly enjoyed his portrayal of a religious avenger who befriends our family man and teaches him more about life. Stephen Dorff was also excellent who evidently evolves as the movie progresses to follow his role nicely. Harold Perrineau as the prison guard captain was a nice add-in.

All in all, the original storyline, excellent characters, and general feeling of fulfillment makes this movie a definite see.