Eden Lake

A peaceful weekend turns into a nightmare when Steve and Jennie get much more than what they bargained for at the tranquil setting of Eden Lake. Their little excursion seems to have been doomed from the start as they almost had an accident getting to the secluded spot.

Steve and Jenny, having found an idyllic place where they can relax from the pressures in London, were not prepared for the invasion of the gang of local youngsters that will be their tormentors for the following days. Even going through the town, there were indications they were not welcome to trespass their environment. The kids show a total disregard for decency, by leaving the couple have their quality time in their area.

Rubbing the gang the wrong way, triggers a reaction neither Steve or Jennie could have predicted. These are not just teenagers looking for a good time, these are terrorists who feel they have the upper hand in a situation, what they completely have. It is impossible to accept their cruelty and disregard for the way their criminal instincts turn them into a pack of animals on a rampage.

James Watkins, a British writer, made a terrific debut with this film that is a reflection, no doubt, he has seen in his country. We are sure there are parallels running between what shows up in the screen and what the real intention of Mr. Watkins was. It does not take too much to incite the youths in the picture, but their complete disregard to human suffering, which baffles the mind. There has been other films about cruel behavior by unruly mobs, but the display in the film comes as a total shock because it is not what it is expected from the more sedate English character.

Kelly Reilly's performance is one of the best things she was asked to play in her career. It must have taken quite a toll on her going through the emotions she had to do to make her Jennie such a remarkable creation. Michael Fassbender has been getting a lot of serious work. Give it a go.