Two Reactions to Sweet Yummy Stuff

Lunch is over and you feel full. At the sight of dessert, 'hedonic' eaters say, no thanks. But 'homeostatic' eaters don't listen to the body's built-in chemical that is secreted when over 3 lbs of food are eaten in one sitting. They're more likely to be obese.

'the homeostatic system'

Seeing, smelling and even hearing the word 'cake' activates chemicals in the brain involved in shame, depression, and repression, triggering the release of epinepherine, the brain's "food" chemical.

Brain scans show that obese people have reactions to food similar to reactions experienced by sexual deviants.

'the hedonic system'

When food reaches the stomach, electrical signals from the brain speed up digestion and trigger the brain to eat more. Seeing cake becomes more appealing.

The hormone dopamine tells the brain to stop eating, but in obese people, the brain is unable to accept the chemical receptor.