Easy Way To Learn Juggling

Put hands out, waist high, flat like a table. Take one ball and toss it just above eye level to the opposite hand. As you throw, say "One - Catch".

Do the same starting with your opposite hand. Remember to say "One" as you throw and "Catch" as you watch. PRACTICE both these steps for several minutes until you are throwing at the same height with both hands.

Take two balls placing one ball in each hand, and throw the first ball. Just when it gets to the top of the arch, throw the second ball toward the opposite hand. The second ball goes inside the arch of the first ball. This time, you say "One" on the first throw, "Two" on the second throw, and "Catch" at the end. Practice until you can do 8 out of 10 repetiotions without dropping.

Don't Oops! Be careful not to two-ball shuffle. This is where you throw from one hand to the other and then shuffle the second ball to your first hand. Each hand should cleanly throw a mirror image of the other.

Now you are ready for three balls! Place two balls in one hand and one ball in the other. You must always start with the hand that has two balls in it.

Repeat as with two balls, but when the second ball gets to the top of the arch, throw the third ball. Say "One, Two, Three, Catch". You're juggling.

*Always count out loud as you practice.
*If you are having trouble with three balls, go back to two or even one ball and practice some more.
*If you keep throwing the balls away from you and walking forward, you are doing "The Running Juggler"! Try standing in front of a wall to practice.