Guild Wars 2

I have been playing MMORPGs since I was a kid, so I have a pretty clear understanding what a MMO game should look like and feel. From what I've seen Guild Wars 2 might be that game, bear in mind I have not played the first one. Reason being that the game wasn't open world and at that time it kinda threw me off but the GW2 has improved a lot in several aspects yet retaining everything good that the first game had.

Reasons to buy Guild Wars 2:

1. No monthly fee (you need to buy the game once), as an old WoW player I know what it feels like when you have to pay for it every month and specially if you are a student with no stable income.

2. No designated healers or tanks. Every class has it's own way to heal and avoiding enemy's attacks, so basically if someone in your party dies all the time then he isn't playing the game properly. That doesn't mean others can't heal or ressurect fellow party members.

3. Production quality. When I stopped playing games with monthly subscription I always tried several free to play games and often I would quit because the controls were awkward and the game overall felt stiff. Incase of GW2 it is probably safe to say it will be good.

Overall Guild Wars 2 will probably be a very popular game, meaning it's so good that most of the people will be drawed into it.

Guild Wars 2 is supposedly released in the early 2012.