Similarities Between Humans And Animals

Humans vs. animals
Humans have long considered themselves truly unique. But it turns out that the better word from "unique" is "most advanced". Every year scientists prove that some purely human traits are found in animals.

Long term memory
Clark's nutcrackers remember for at least half a year, where they put seeds - and they use 5 thousand caches in a 15-mile area.

Counting and complex communication
Chimpanzees have similar basic arithmetic mental, non-verbal skills as humans.
Although chimpanzees can't really communicate verbally, they can do it through sign language.

Elephants feed and wait for crippled herd member, showing empathy.

Wild dolphins, which were recovering from an illness in adelaide dolphinarium, learned to tail-walk only from dolphins living in captivity, without human trainers.

Tool use and construction
Ravens use stones to crack eggs, sometimes immobilizing an egg with a bigger stone and hitting it with a smaller one.

Sense of humor
Apes in the wild have been recorded to taunt tiger cubs by pulling their ears, tails and patting them - and escaping later, only to return and do it again.

All great apes, dolphins, elephants and magpies recognize their reflection in the mirror, if they see anything unusual they try to rub it and remove it.

Human body is inferior to animals - except long-distance running.

Peregrine falcon while diving reaches 320 km/h
White-throated needletail is the fastest flying bird in level flight, reaching 170 km/h
Fastest running animal is cheetah 120 km/h
Fastest swimming fish - shortfin mako shark 50 km/h

Eagles boast vision 8 times sharper than humans.

Hearing and communication range
A whales sound will travel up to 1800 km.

Longest living animal is quahog clam, the record is 405-410 years. Some tortoises live up to 200 years.

Biggest animals are blue whales, heaviest weighted 190 tons

Long distance running
But no animal beats humans when it comes to long distance running. Yiannis Kouros, leading ultramarathon runner, did 160 km in 11h 46m